The Welcome Reception: Being welcomed to Greater Copenhagen and Southern Sweden

It's August 31st and the back-to-school bustle breathes energy in to Copenhagen, a perfect day to welcome our newest international residents.

Not the last tango in Malmö for Adriana!

Read Adrainas story. Argentinian by birth, American by experience and Swedish by choice, she is a high-energy, intelligent woman who enjoys life...

Thinking outside the boxes: Lebanon-born entrepreneur creates new pharma market

Growing up as a young child in his native Lebanon, Ali Ismail showed the burning ambition common to all entrepreneurs.

International Commuting: Working and living in two different countries

Over 15 000 commuters cross the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö every day via car or trains. On February 3, 2016, 40 international residents of…

Upcoming events – Activities offered in Skåne and The Greater Copenhagen area

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Lund International Citizen Hub – For international talents in Southern Sweden, a meeting place for interesting events and drop in service

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In Skåne, you do not have to choose between business and private life. Skåne is the best of both worlds

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Welcome to Southern Sweden, a land of contrast and endless variation. Here awaits the best possible living conditions in one of Europe's most innovative regions.

This website is an official portal curating information from various organizations, government institutions and municipalities in order to help businesses and people establishing themselves in the south of Sweden. For more detailed information please contact the relevant organization whose contact information you will find under each topic.

ESS MAX IV in Southern Sweden – TITA

Region Skåne in cooperation with the municipalities of Skåne, Lund University, Invest in Skåne, ESS AB, Malmö University, the County Administrative Board of Skåne, Kristianstad University, Region Blekinge, SLU Alnarp and Blekinge Institute of Technology.